Where did casual wear come from?

Casual wear emerged in America in the early 20th century, when sport was no longer considered an activity for the lower class, and socioeconomic consequences of the world wars instilled functionality as a determining factor when getting dressed.

This is when brands such as Levi Strauss, Converse and Lacoste emerged on the scene. Not to mention that it’s also when Coco Chanel liberated women from the corset and began to incorporate athletic wear in her collections. It was then that the idea that clothes should adapt to our lifestyles began to come alive.

Trousers and casual jeans

Skinny, straight, mom jeans, dark or light washes – anything goes!

T-shirts and tops

Plain or striped T-shirts and tops, slip dresses and graphic tees, but always in natural, flowy fabrics.


Knit or denim skirts that are flowy, straight cut, midi, maxi or flared.

Casual dresses

Knit or denim skirts that are flowy, straight cut, midi, maxi or flared.


Oversized denim jackets, parkas or bomber jackets. The looser the clothing, the more relaxed the look.

A casual, chic look for autumn and winter

In winter, jeans are your best friend. Choose a straight cut in a dark wash and pair it with an oversized white jersey, parka and trainers

What shoes will I wear this season?

Footwear is a very personal choice which can make or break a look. Analyse your wardrobe and decide what you’ll need to complement your outfits. Don’t forget this season’s must-haves:

Military boots, comfortable and versatile.

Military style footwear is not just comfortable but also very practical. What’s more, it’s trendy, as seeing them used time and time again by haute couture brands such as Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo or Miu Miu have made them a must-have in our eyes. This year they will continue to be worn in classic black with a small platform, although the queens of street style has already given us some stylish options, such as adding metallic accents or crocodile skin details to the mix.

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